Thu 13th March 2021 5:00PM, & Thu 20th May 2021 5:00PM


Net Zero Carbon Practice and Practicality: - How to integrate sustainability into churches and historic buildings?”

Our second series of EASA Electronic Evening Meetings, will take place at 5.00 p.m. on Thursday, 13th and 20th May 2021. Each meeting will run for about an hour and a half including a Question and Answer session.

The two meetings will look at the issues of Net Zero Carbon in our churches and will be chaired by Anna Joynt, EASA Hon. President, who will then introduce Jennie Page CBE, the chair of the Church Buildings Council, who will give an overview of the subject from the CBC’s viewpoint. Following this introduction over the coming two evenings we shall look at the implications of working towards Net Zero Carbon for both our churches and ourselves as Quinquennial Inspectors and Church Architects and Surveyors.

There will be a mix of the theoretical and the practical, with the second evening looking at a case study into photovoltaics at the Cemetery Road Baptist Chapel in Sheffield and the broader issues of Sustainability in Church Buildings. 

The topics for both evenings are as follows:

13th May 2021 5.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

Following the Introductions mention above, the evening will continue with a pair of talks given jointly by Catherine Ross of the CBC, entitled A Practical Path to Net Zero Carbon and by Nigel Walter, a church architect and member of the research panel, talking on Sustainable Best Practice Projects. They will also introduce the two new CBC and EASA Sustainability and Net Zero Carbon Best Practice Notes on a) Church Projects and b) “Quinquennial Inspection Reports”. These will shortly be available on the EASA website (www.easa.org.uk) in view of the extensive electronic links contained within both documents and of course to save paper!

Our Immediate Past President and also a member of the research panel Graeme Renton will then conclude the talks that evening by speaking about Sustainable Best Practice Quinquennial Inspections. These talks should give us plenty to think about, not least in the preparation of future Quinquennial Inspection Reports.

20th May 2021 5.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

The second evening will be more practically inclined, with a talk given by Tom Crooks, our Hon. Membership Secretary and a church architect, about the work he did to fit the Grade II Cemetery Road Baptist Chapel in Sheffield with photovoltaic panels and the practical implications of this work He will be joined by Eddie Murphy the M&E Consultant who assisted him in this work who will talk about The M&E implications of the work at Cemetery Road, but will broaden out his talk to look at the more general implications of Net Zero Carbon installations.

The evening talks will then conclude with both Nigel Walter and Catherine Ross speaking about Current Views on Visible Solar Panels”. This will broaden out the discussion and lead to a Question and Answer session chaired again by Anna Joynt. So please come with your suggestions about other areas of sustainability best practice that you would like to learn more about.

This series of three meetings will be open to both EASA members and non-members to join in. A serial ticket for both evenings will be £10.00 for EASA members and £15.00 for non-members. (N.B. We have kept ticket prices as low as possible so we just cover our costs.) 

Once you have made your booking you will be sent an email confirmation with a link to the evenings. Please note that the same link will apply to both evenings.

AGM and Autumn Conference 12 November 2020


The EASA AGM and 2020 Autumn Conference was held online for the first time in the Association’s 148 year history! Feedback from members suggests this was a really successful event owing much to the interesting, well presented conference talks, but also because the virtual format lent itself to the AGM and conference agenda, and enabled members from much further afield to join who would otherwise not have attended. The attendance this year (100) was higher than in previous years – a trend we hope continues.

The AGM was introduced by the EASA Meetings Secretary, Andrew Wood, and then chaired by the outgoing President, Graeme Renton. The usual AGM business was conducted very smoothly using the handy online voting system. EASA officers were elected as follows; Anna Joynt as President 2020-21, Andrew Wood as Vice-President 2020-21, Bob Wilson as Treasurer. Alexa Stephens and Ashley Courtney were elected as members of the General Committee. Officers’ reports which had been circulated prior to the AGM were also approved as were the continued rates for honoraria and membership subscriptions.

The post of EASA Secretary remains as yet unfilled, and EASA members are invited to consider whether they might take on the role and join the committee for a stint. 

In the following Open Forum, Ashley Courtney raised the subject of Church Commissioners’ obligations for the upkeep of certain Chancels and the potential advantages of reinstating render in those previously stripped of their finishes.

The Autumn Conference then began with Dr Diane Evans who gave us an update on the Taylor Report. She was followed by three speakers on the subject of sustainability; Catherine Ross who spoke about Net Zero Carbon Church Buildings, Dr David Knight on new Faculty Rules and Good Environmental Practice and Dr Joseph Elders on the new QI Rules and Regulations with an Eye on Sustainability.

The conference finished with a talk by the new President, Anna Joynt, outlining her plans for real and virtual meetings for the 2021 EASA year. Anna introduced her theme for the year of “Churches as Places of Peace and Inspiration” which Anna hopes will also encourage young architects and surveyors to join and contribute to the Association.